Foundation Works

Foundation Works

Foundation Works

Avalon Earthmoving has extensive experience in land excavation for foundation works

From the installation of general strip footings, thickened edge footings or engineered retaining wall footings to piering and pile works Avalon Earthmoving can work with you and your construction plans to complete the works quickly and efficiently.

Avalon Earthmoving has a range of machinery, from small excavators to large excavators, capable of underpinning, piering and piling works.

We also can provide earth drills capable of cutting deep into bed rock for engineered rock socketing requirements. These drills are equipped with the latest spiral cutting design and rock cutting teeth thus allowing productive core drilling into dense material for your pier / piling works.

Whether you require contiguous piles, pile / reinforced spraycrete retaining, CFC piles, underpinning or just a simple pier for retaining wall works we have the solution.

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