Favro Constructions

Ian Proctor of Avalon Earthmoving has sub contracted to our company regularly over the past 3 years. During this time Ian has executed major earthworks on many of our residential construction sites. He has always been reliable, efficient and on time. His extensive experience and ability is apparent when undertaking the works on site and has always completed works within the required time frame. We continue to utilise the services of Avalon Earthmoving and would have no hesitation in offering our recommendation.


Residential Developer

I have been contracting Ian and his team for the last 20 years, his services have been utilised in all our residential excavation work, from bulk and detailed works to site levelling work with Avalon Earthmoving's 'posi track bobcat', a beautiful machine that leaves the site in pristine condition! I have always found Avalon Earthmoving reliable and efficient, Ian and his team are very experienced operators and are the type of tradies that think for themselves and plan ahead. This together with their eye for levels and focus on site safety are the reason I continue to employ their services.

Jason Marty

Owner Builder

I have used Avalon Earthmoving three times over the last few years and each time I have been amazed at how efficiently they undertook the task. Most recently the boys had to get into some pretty tight spaces under our existing house to excavate - they did this with care and speed which saves time and money. Ian's landscaping background is also a huge bonus when coming up with solutions for the garden (using stone blocks, drainage etc). I highly recommend these guys.


Landscapes Combined

I have been using Ian and his machinery for the last 5 years, I am always impressed with Ian's operators and his range of machinery. Having the right machine for the job coupled with an experienced operator means at the end of the day it is less hand work for my employees, inturn reducing my final job costs. Ian is always friendly and easy to deal with, I would be happy to recommend him to any client.


Home Owner

I recently contracted Ian to Build a large rock wall at the end of our backyard. Our backyard had slipped away and fallen into a neighbouring property, it was extremely important that the area was repaired before more heavy rain made the situation worse. Ian helped to complete the DA approval and Construction Certificate for the new retaining wall plus organised access through the neighbouring property as several hundred tons of rock and earth had to be moved onto site. The job was completed within the time frame and built beautifully. Ian also organised the certification process and the wall was given the final approval by council and engineer. I would recommend Avalon Earthmoving to anyone that may require its services.


Home Owner

We knew we needed excavation and retaining done to totally transform our unusable front yard but were unsure of exactly what we could do. It was as this point that Ian from Avalon Earthmoving was called in and with his experience and vision he suggested we build a sandstone ballast wall for retaining. This not only saved us money based on other forms of retaining but suited our block and area perfectly so we were very happy. He is also a qualified and experienced landscaper so we found this meant that whatever he built was done in consideration for the paving or planting and whatever else we were doing. I would suggest to anyone who is considering doing any landscaping job that involves excavation to get Ian in and get his advice as early as possible to make for a smoother project.

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