Land Stabilisation

We can provide solutions for all your land retention projects

Avalon Earthmoving provides solutions for all your land retention projects, whether it’s a simple retaining wall or a landslip / land retention situation, we can help.

We can offer a one shop service.

We are able to provide all services for your retention project, from design and management services (including the engagement of an Engineer and guidance with permits as required) to the supply of machinery and materials to carry out the necessary works to completion.

We have successfully completed many projects over the last 10years including:

  • Detailed redesign and construction of onsite drainage
  • Supply / install of large random large ballast rock retaining
  • Supply / install of large log stone retaining
  • Install of pile / spraycrete retaining
  • Contiguous pile
  • Gabion cage retaining systems
  • Concrete crib retaining systems
  • Dincel wall systems
  • Jetcrete applications

All the above to engineered detail.

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